We heard your valuable feedback and have worked out a plan to provide make-up lessons for our students. All existing customers who renew the term after 31st August 2020 will receive 4 make-up lessons instead of the usual 2 replacement lessons.

How does it work?

You can now book a make-up lesson if you are going to miss a class, capped at 4 times in a term. For example, if you are going to miss a class this week, you will need to attend your regular lesson and a make-up lesson within your 10 weeks term. You will need to inform the school at least 2 days in advance of the lesson that you are going to miss. For a medical reason, you can inform the school 2 hours in advance and supported with medical certificate before your next lesson.

What is the difference between a make-up lesson and a replacement lesson?

Replacement lesson acts as an extra lesson to replace your missed class capped at 2 times per term. However, with the make-up lesson, you can now arrange to catch up the missed lesson. This allows you to catch up with the class progression soonest.

Why are we changing the system?

It has always been the top request from our students to have make-up lessons. As replacement lessons only happen at the end of each term, most students are concerned about the individual’s progression. On the other hand, 2 replacement lessons don’t seem to satisfy 80% of our students who took a more than 2 weeks break. Considering the demand, we have decided to revamp our backend system and teaching syllabus to meet the request.

Will I still be able to come for 2 replacement lessons in week 11 and week 12?

No, we will be phasing out the replacement lessons system with make-up lessons gradually.

Can I choose to attend my make-up lesson with my current instructor?

Yes, we will give priority for you to have make-up lessons with your current instructor. If there is no suitable class, we will arrange your make-up lessons with a class of similar level under a different coach.

Can I choose between weekday or weekend for my make-up lesson?

Yes, you can choose to have it either on a weekday or weekend.

Can I choose to go to a different branch?

Yes, you can choose to have your make-up lesson at any of our branches.

What if I can’t make it again for my make-up lesson?

We allow rebooking of a make-up lesson with at least 2 days in advance and only valid for one-time change only.


Complimentary 1-minute Milestone Underwater Video

Applicable for Infant, Toddler and Kids, we will be providing complimentary 1-minute milestone video per term to students who achieved 100% regular attendance (zero make-up lesson activated) to document their journey with us and as well as to show their progression and development at Happy Fish.