Swimming Lessons For Kids (5 – 12 years old)

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A Vital Life Skill for Every Child

Swimming is not just an enjoyable activity, it’s an essential life skill that empowers children to explore their world with confidence. Research shows that regular swimming improves oxygen delivery to the brain, enhancing focus and learning efficiency in daily activities. At Happy Fish, we believe that swimming lessons should be fun and promote lifelong skills. Our passion for swimming drives us to inspire our students to love it just as much as we do!

Swimming is considered a crucial life skill and is included in the national curriculum. As one of the most popular sports in the country, it offers various opportunities, from recreational and competitive swimming to open water adventures.

How soon can my child swim independently?

Take a look at our progression chart!

Dive deeper into swimming techniques, mastering streamlined kicking without the aid of a kickboard.

(Approximately 5 lessons)

Set the pace by swimming freestyle for a distance of 25 meters.

(Approximately 10-15 lessons)

Become a versatile swimmer by proficiently swimming 50 meters each in freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke techniques.

(Approximately 20-30 lessons)

Mastering 100 meters each in freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly. Plus, survival swim strokes and techniques as per the SwimSafer Gold standard.

(Approximately 20-30 lessons)

Who We Are?

Happy Fish is the leading swim school with 16 indoor heated swimming pools in Malaysia & Singapore, providing high-quality learn-to-swim programmes for all ages since 2007.

With 14 years of research and experience, we commit to bring the best learning experience to all our students. Using state-of-the-art water sanitisation and filtration system, our students can learn to swim in a comfortable, controlled environment with crystal clear water.

Happy Fish's Indoor Heated Swimming Pools

The happiest place to learn swimming!

Our indoor pool is running on state-of-the-art salt chlorinator combined with UV filter. UV is the non-chemical technology used by New York City to purify drinking water. The results are equally impressive in swimming pools. You'll enjoy a pool that is safe, healthy, and a lot easier to manage. UV does the heavy lifting which lowers chlorine demand up to 90%. Bacteria and other disinfection by-products are safely eliminated.

We maintain pool temperature at 32-33 Celsius during lesson time, so be assured to enjoy the warm crystal clear water and say goodbye to shivers, stinging eyes, dry hair and skin! 




HOME @ Bedok



HOME @ Stevens

Jurong East

Bt Timah

Wild Wild Wet

Jurong Outdoor


Lessons’ Info

Indoor Heated Pools

  • Happy Fish HOME @ Mont Kiara
  • Happy Fish HOME @ KSL Esplanade
  • Happy Fish HOME @ Mount Austin
  • Happy Fish HOME @ Sunway BigBox JB
  • Happy Fish @ Kota Damansara
  • Happy Fish @ Sunway Pyramid
  • Happy Fish @ Taman Sea


  • Weekday 9am to 9pm (Last class at 8.30pm)
  • Weekend 9am to 6pm (Last class at 5.30pm)

Kid Class Fee

Kid Class: 5 – 12 years old


Happy Fish Indoor Heated Pools
Subang Jaya (Sunway Pyramid) / SS23 / Kota Damansara / Iskandar Puteri (Sunway Bigbox)

Weekday / Weekend
first 5 lessons
/term thereafter


Happy Fish HOME
HOME @ Mont Kiara (MK163) / HOME @ Mount Austin / HOME @ Klang (KSL Esplanade)

Weekday / Weekend
RM500 (Mont Kiara, Mount Austin) / RM400(Klang – Promo)
first 5 lessons
(Mont Kiara, Mount Austin) / RM800(Klang – Promo)
/term thereafter

Please note that all students will begin with a 5-lesson Foundation Class to establish a strong swimming foundation before advancing to regular classes.

  • Term: 10 lessons
  • Frequency: Once a week lesson
  • Duration: 45 minutes per lesson
  • Class Size:
    • Foundation & Beginner Level: Maximum of 6 students
    • Intermediate & Advance Level: Maximum of 8 students

Kid Class Policy

  • Lessons are scheduled for consecutive weeks, excluding gazetted public holidays.
  • You can arrange a makeup lessons for each missed regular class (only applicable for infants, toddlers, and kids’ classes). Parents must notify the school or reschedule via the Parent Portal at least 2 hours before the lesson. A valid Medical Certificate in the student’s name must be submitted within a week to backdate the absence.
  • Make-up lesson cannot be in your original class. Strictly no rescheduling of the makeup lesson is allowed once confirmed.
  • There will be no lesson if the lesson falls on a gazetted public holiday. Lessons will be postponed, and the customer requires no further action.
  • Lessons will be as normal for public holidays in lieu unless otherwise announced.
  • Happy Fish reserves the right to send a relief instructor if the class coach cannot conduct the lesson on that day.
  • The School reserves the right to cancel or postpone the lesson in an unforeseen situation or when a relief coach is unavailable.
  • The School reserves the right to reschedule the commencement date of classes if the class size does not meet the minimum requirement.
  • In the event that the class size falls short in the next term, the School reserves the right to reshuffle the students and close the class.
  • Other general Terms and Conditions apply

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Indoor Heated Pools

  • Happy Fish HOME @ Mont Kiara
  • Happy Fish HOME @ KSL Esplanade
  • Happy Fish HOME @ Mount Austin
  • Happy Fish HOME @ Sunway BigBox JB
  • Happy Fish @ Kota Damansara
  • Happy Fish @ Sunway Pyramid
  • Happy Fish @ Taman Sea


  • All weekday


  • 45 minutes per session


  Happy Fish Happy Fish Home
Individual RM600 /4 class RM750 /4 class
2 in a group RM700 /4 class RM900 /4 class
3 in a group RM800 /4 class RM1050 /4 class

Terms & Conditions

  • The lesson will be conducted on a weekly basis or according to a pre-arranged schedule.
  • Students must complete 4 sessions within 6 weeks timeframe.
  • Parent’s involvement is required for all infant’s and toddler’s classes. In view of Covid-19, the School will only allow one parent to participate.
  • Accompanying adults must wear appropriate tight-fitting swim attire. Strictly no form of boardshorts, long pants and non-Happy Fish t-shirts is allowed.
  • Children below 5 years old are required to wear approved snugly fitting swim diapers (iPlay™ and SnuglyFit™). Strictly no other brands of swim diapers are allowed.
  • There will be no lesson if the lesson falls on a gazetted public holiday. Lessons will be postponed and no further action is required by the customer.
  • Lessons will be as per normal for public holidays in lieu unless otherwise announced.
  • The School reserves the right to cancel or postpone the lesson in an unforeseen situation.
  • Other general Terms and Conditions apply

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FAQ for Kid Class

Do I need to be in the pool together with my child?

Parents do not need to be in the pool with the child. Parents can observe their child’s swimming lessons from a designated viewing area.

What should my child wear to swimming lessons?

Children should wear comfortable, well-fitting swimwear, goggles, and a swim cap if necessary. Please ensure they have a towel and a change of clothes for after the lesson. Towels and toiletries are provided for Happy Fish HOME students.

Can I schedule a trial class for my child?

Yes, paid trial lessons are available for children interested in joining our swim school.

My child is Asthmatic. Is he suitable to learn swimming?

We highly recommend a doctor’s opinion to be sought first as there are varying degrees of Asthma.

Do you offer make-up lessons?

At Happy Fish Swim School, we understand that sometimes unforeseen circumstances may cause you to miss a class. To accommodate this, we offer a make-up lesson policy.

Rescheduling and Steady Progress: If students need to miss a lesson, parents should log in to the Parent Portal and reschedule the lesson at least 2 hours in advance. To ensure consistent progression, parents will have to fix and attend the replacement class within 2 weeks of the original class date.

Consideration for Illness: If a student is unable to reschedule due to medical reasons, we will require documentary proof. Upon receiving this, we will assist the parent to backdate and arrange a replacement class.

Do note that postponement of lessons is not permitted. All make-up sessions must be scheduled for alternative time slots.

How long will it take for my child to become a confident swimmer?

It typically takes about 3 to 4 terms for a child to become a confident swimmer, depending on their abilities and consistency of attendance.

What is the appropriate age range for kids' swimming classes at Happy Fish Swim School?

Our kids’ swimming classes are designed for children aged 5 to 12 years old.

Important Message For Parents

Parents play an important role in children’s swimming experience. While children are striving hard to learn how to swim, parents should know how to help their children.

  • Do not expect your child to be able to swim soon after they are introduced to the water. It depends on individual’s learning ability. As a parent, you should focus on the long-term goal and avoid putting pressure on achievement and expecting quick results, as this may become counter-productive.
  • Don’t be over ambitious about your child’s progress. Allow them to gradually develop and improve at his or her own pace. There is no shortcut in learning to swim. Practice makes perfect. Every children needs regular lessons and training, so don’t hurry them! Your child will learn much more in short and frequent regular visits than in the occasional long one.
  • If your child no longer seems to enjoy the water, don’t give up! Continue your regular lessons but don’t waste all the earlier good work. It is a good idea to just hang around and watch as the others carry on, rather than skipping lessons.
  • Don’t compare your child with others. Everyone has different learning ability.
  • If your child accidentally slips into the water and swallows water during the lesson, don’t worry, as this is a learning process. Praise them for trying. Children need to be encouraged. By doing this, children will enjoy and have fun.
  • If your child cries during the lesson, it doesn’t mean that your child is not ready for swimming lessons. You child may be adjusting to the separation from Mum and Dad, getting accustomed to the new surroundings, or just having a bad day. Give your child some time and let him or her develop confidence. Very soon he or she will be able to enjoy this wonderful experience in a totally relaxed environment with us.

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