Upon registration, the school will reserve your booking for three days. Payment must be made within these three days to confirm the reserved slot.


Our group class is run perpetually with no fixed term dates. Each term consists of 10 consecutive lessons with 4 make-up credits.

Make-Up Class

Make-up credits must be fully utilised within the same term.

Absences must be notified at least 2 days in advance for a non-medical reason or 2 hours before lesson and supported with a medical proof for a medical reason. Failing to do so, the lesson will be charged.


A renewal email will be sent four weeks before the end of your term. Confirmation and payment will be required within seven days if you wish to continue in the current class for the following term.

Class Grouping

We believe in maximum activity time for optimum learning. To achieve this, we will group student homogeneously based on age and proficiency. Hence, your instructor may recommend you to switch to a more suitable class from time to time as the class progresses.

Our minimum group size for a class is three students. If the class has become smaller than three students, we will need to suggest you join an alternative class. We will try to keep class timing as similar as possible, but unfortunately, we cannot always guarantee this. If this results in a change of your class dates, times or venue, we will endeavour to give you as much notice as possible.

Happy Fish reserves the right to postpone the start date of a class for up to 4 weeks if the class size does not meet the minimum requirement.


You may request a refund by informing us at least seven days before the start of, or up to seven days after payment (whichever is earlier).

If the request is made less than seven days before the first lesson, or after seven days elapsed from the payment date, the refund amount will only be 50%.

If the first lesson has commenced (regardless of attendance), there will strictly be no refund.

Unfit to swim

If the student is certified unfit to swim for more than three weeks supported by a medical doctor letter, you can choose to put the lesson on hold. Please understand that while your lesson is under “on-hold”, the group will continue to progress. You will likely be assigned to another suitable class at a different time slot when you are ready to join us back.

You have to send the documents to info@happyfish.my

Relief of Instructor

Happy Fish reserved the right to cancel (with the fees not chargeable), postpone, or send a relief instructor if your class coach is unable to conduct the lesson on that day.

Lost & Found

All lost and found item will be kept in the Lost & Found cabinet compartment for a month. All unclaimed items will be reused, recycled or donated to the needy.

Dress Code & Attire

Our indoor pools are heated. You may want to dress your child comfortably in lycra swimwear and avoid getting thermal swimwear.

All children under age five must wear a snugly fit swim diaper for the class. Strictly no everyday diaper in the pool as it will soak up the pool water, swell and burst. The content is hazardous when leaked into the pool.

Baby & Toddlers
– Snugly Fitting Swim Diaper
– Comfortable swimwear
– No boardshorts

Children will not be able to participate in the class without a snugly fit swim diaper. Accompanying adults must wear appropriate swim attire with a dri-fit shirt. Strictly no shorts, long pants or cotton t-shirts.

– Comfortable swimwear
– No boardshorts

– Happy Fish T-Shirt or Rashguards
– Comfortable swimwear
– No boardshorts


All pool users have to rinse off under the shower before entering the pool.


Regardless of the child swimming ability, they should always be under adult supervision at all times. The swim teacher cannot be responsible for watching your child before and after the class.

Please ensure your baby remains seated in the baby shower basin at all times.

Valuables and Jewellery

We cannot accept any responsibility for the loss or damage of any personal possessions. Please remove all jewellery before entering the water.


The shower rooms, baby shower basins and baby changing stations and other facilities are strictly on a first-come, first-served basis. Please be mindful and considerate when using the facilities. Use it swiftly and keep it clean.

Media Release

By attending the lessons, you agree to allow Happy Fish to utilise all forms of media taken in our pools for our marketing materials.