1. Water Familiarisation

Babies will learn to be comfortable in and around the water.

2. Breath Control

Babies will learn to hold their breath when verbal and kinesthetic trigger is given.

3. Trauma-Free Submersion

Babies will develop confidence in submerging underwater and discover the freedom of buoyancy.

4. Free Floating

Babies will learn to float without assistance to the ledge of pools or between adults.

5. Propulsion

Babies will learn basic hand paddling and leg kicking action to move around in the water.

6. Independency

Babies will learn to change breath, swim longer distance, exit the pool independently.

Why Should Baby Swim?

Water Safety 

Swimming at young age build better cognitive ability to water safety.

Child Development 

Excellent way to physical and social development, as well as better literacy and numeracy skills.

Great Family Bonding 

Acquire life skills and have fun together!

Austin, 11 months old

Started learning at 7 months old 

How Fast Can A Baby Swim?

The sooner a child discovers the freedom of buoyancy and underwater swimming, the more relaxed and independent he or she will become. Babies are born with over 70 neonatal reflexes. They have the ability to react to stimulation with motor responses. As most neonatal reflexes weaken during the first 6 months, babies need proper guidance to master new patterns of voluntary movement in order to explore the water in a safe and fun environment.

Our aquatic program is designed for babies from 4 months to 4 years old. Babies & toddlers will learn how to enter water safely, hold their breath when they go underwater, turn and propel to the side of the pool and finally get out of the pool safely.


Indoor Heated Swimming Pool

  • Heated Water

Comfortable learning environment.

  • Salt Water System

Better water quality. You can open your eyes in it!

  • UV Light

UV does the heavy lifting which lowers cholorine demand up to 90%

Research shows children who swim at very young age:

Excellent way to physical, social & emotional development.

Improve heart and lung function.

Better oral expression, literacy, numeracy & mathematical reasoning compared to normal population

Research done by Griffith University, Australia on 7000 babies

The duration of swimming class is kept short to cater to the learning style of every little child. Parents are encouraged to participate and assist in lessons to make your babies feel more comfortable, reduce feeling of strange and separation anxiety. Hence, they will be able to adapt quickly to the new environment in the pool as well as our instructors way more faster!




Infant Class: 4 – 23 months 

Toddler Class: 2 – 4 year old

Group Private
Weekend RM660 1 on 1 RM500/4sessions
Weekday RM560

1 on 2

RM600 / 4 sessions

10 + 4  make up lessons

1 on 3

RM700 / 4 sessions

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